The Best iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacBook Charger on the Market?

If you are looking for a handy charger for all of your Apple devices, including an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and a MacBook, consider purchasing ZeroLemon. It is an incredibly minimalist and powerful charging station that is capable of simultaneously powering six devices.

What Is the ZeroLemon Extreme Charge Station?

The ZeroLemon ECS is a powerful station that uses smart, ultra-fast charging technology. This minimalist-looking tool that is the size of a hard drive is capable of charging six devices at the same time. The station has one wireless charger, one Apple watch magnetic charger, two USB IQ ports, and two USB-PD ports. According to the company, the charging point is capable of refueling two MacBook Pro 15s, an iPad Pro, three iPhones with one charging wirelessly, and one Apple Watch simultaneously (risk and noise-free).

The ZeroLemon device has been certified with the highest safety standards, including RoHS, FCC, and CE. The charging station is also UL-listed. The smart dual cooling fan system keeps the ZeroLemon from overheating (under 41 degrees in Celsius) at all times.

How to Buy the Best iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacBook Charger on the Market

If the full-speed charging compatibility of the ZeroLemon product impressed you, feel free to purchase it on Kickstarter. The prices vary from $69 to $99 for a single charging station (depending on the purchase time and the discounts applied).

Accessories and Add-Ons for Apple Products

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