This LED Ticker Can Display Crypto Prices

Nobody thought the Bitcoin price would be where it is now; by the time the reader is viewing this article, Bitcoin has probably shocked everyone again with its price developments. It’s up on its ATH at one point and down 5% five minutes later. That’s the crypto world, and one cannot be too shocked at that fact by now.

Device to Show Crypto Prices

The funny thing is, individuals who are enthusiastic (or obsessed) about crypto know very much that they are. Still, with the way that the crypto market fluctuates, all a person can do is to prepare himself or herself for unexpected changes by keeping a close eye on the ridiculously volatile crypto charts. Yes, it might be stressful to pull out one’s phone to look up prices every minute. Unfortunately, most apps are even 30 minutes late on delivering news – which might not seem like a lot for forex guys but is an eternity for some crypto investors. If only people had a device that only shows the crypto prices, right?

After years of fantasizing about it, we came across a crowdfunding project called Fintic – a desk-size LED all-in-one ticker that can display stocks, crypto, forex, weather, news, sports, GIFs, images, and so much more in dazzling 128×32 sized, RGB pixels. We need our crypto and probably weather news for the most part, so it came as a relief for us that we can choose to display one, two, four, or all features together and watch them seamlessly transmute from one segment to the next.

How to Set It Up

To set it all up, you just need to connect the ticker to the same WiFi network as all of your devices with an internet browser, and you’ll be able to control everything shown on the ticker through the browser. After you have chosen your desired settings on the ticker’s web panel, the ticker will stay updated on its own via a WiFi connection.

What This Means for You

Having the Fintic ticker on your desk will mean no longer having to go out of your way to check crypto prices (or forgetting to check up on the latest prices) for those with the opposite habits. Instead, you just receive the price updates as casually and coolly as can be, while the ticker adds a nice ambiance to your desk. We can’t wait to have one on our desks!