MagicDock for the iPad Is the Best Docking Solution for the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is a unique tablet that introduced a new visual gaming and AR experience to the world. Almost too perfect to be true, the tablet has the power of a computer. Thus, it is ideal for the use of heavy applications like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. While in some cases, the use of a tablet does not require additional accessories, there are times when the gadget needs to be kept in place. Thus, a docking station is required. While multiple docking solutions are available on the web, MagicDock is perhaps the best one for the iPad Pro tablet today.

What Is MagicDock?

MagicDock is a unique docking station that is designed to keep an iPad in place. This docking solution is specifically designed for the iPad Pro, and it is considered to be one of the best dock stations on the market. The tablet attachment process is simple. All that you need to do is to place your device on MagicDock, and the station’s magnets will keep your tablet in place. Slide in a USB-C connector, and you are good to go (all plug-ins and peripherals will sync up automatically). The MagicDock allows one to change the orientation of a tablet comfortably. Whether you want to keep the tablet in an upright position or you want to place it horizontally, there are absolutely no limitations in choice.

Stable, nice-looking, and slim in design, this dock is great for personal and commercial purposes. Artists, office workers, and cashiers will enjoy the flexibility of MagicDock.

MagicDock for the iPad Is the Best Docking Solution for the iPad Pro

How to Buy MagicDock for the iPad Pro

The docking solution is currently available for purchase. The prices vary from $99 to $139 per dock. The current colors include Silver and Space Gray to match the look of an iPad. MagicDock can be purchased on Kickstarter.

Apple products have gained a lot of popularity among the crowd of tech users. Over the past decade, the tech giant released many top-selling products, which included iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. While the popularity and demand for Apple products has increased, there is always room for startups to invent accessories and add-ons for popular gadgets.