Bogdanoff Twins Poison the Metaverse

Everyone in the crypto world know the Bogdanoff twins. If the duo were alive, we’d frequently be hearing the phrases that made them the butt of traders’ frustrations and crypto memes. We still find it funny that an entire market could dwindle or bounce back to life just by the meme of the Bogdanoff brothers screaming what has come to be the deciding market control phrase: “Duhmmp eet!!” Or its opposite, “Puhmmp eet!!” Just how can these phrases affect the crypto market so much, even now? It did make funny sense when they were at loggerheads with Sminem – they were in tough battles on the market’s fate, and a winner was about to emerge. Deep down, we knew who we needed to keep winning. Don’t you?

Bogdanoff Twins Poison the Metaverse

Fate of the Bogdanoff Twins: COVID-19

Sadly, the brothers lost their lives to the ravaging COVID-19 a few days apart from each other. However, it seems that this ‘together forever’ ideology is the sworn deal with them – they’ve been everywhere together, even to the other side of life. Though currently out of this world, the Bogdanoffs’ influence still lingers, and we will confess that they have as strong a grip on the crypto market as they ever did. Many (strange) people in the market even believe that the brothers are responsible for infecting the Metaverse and stagnating the growth of Zuckerberg’s brilliant idea of infusing AI and virtual 3D ideas with the cryptocurrency market.

Consequences in the Metaverse

Perhaps, we should believe what tons of other folks believe is the situation. The Bogdanoff brothers passing away due to Covid is one of the primary sources of inspiration for creating the most recent blockchain memes. With the Metaverse trying hard to find its footing after the death of these guys, it isn’t wrong to assume that regardless of how funny their opinions had sounded and how domineering their stance was in the crypto world, they had been the backbone for the survival of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies to a certain extent. The Metaverse is trying hard. But, you see, it is what it is.

Consequences in the Metaverse Sminem

What Comes Next?

These legends have left a gaping hole in the crypto world, but we want to believe that things are not exactly how they appear. Just maybe, they may be overseeing the actions of the Metaverse with backup plans from their new universe. Oh, we are already starting to believe so.