Is the iPad Gaming Trigger Going to Change the Fortnite World?

You can play Fortnite on pretty much any device nowadays. The list of supported platforms includes Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and iOS. Speaking of the latest in gaming, Fortnite is probably the coolest game on the iPad and iPhone. The problem with using an iPad to play the game, though, is that it is often difficult to control the character by clicking on the virtual buttons that are displayed on the screen sides. It is especially true when it comes to the shooting buttons. Luckily, the company Triggershoot has designed a cool add-on that you can now place on your iPad and use as a convenient gun trigger when playing the game.

How Does the iPad Gaming Trigger Work?

The iPad gaming trigger is a particular clip that a gamer installs on his or her iPad and uses as a joystick for shooting. The device consists of pieces which are placed on the screen sides. These allow the gamer to shoot his or her gun in the game (through electrical conductivity). In other words, the Triggershoot device clicks on the iPad for the player.

Not only does the device feel like a real weapon trigger, but the helpful accessory also allows one to fire automatically non-stop. For instance, while playing Fortnite, the user can press the trigger and hold it; no repetitive manual work is required.

Is the iPad Gaming Trigger Going to Change the Fortnite World?

How to Buy the Gaming Trigger

As of now, the device is available for purchase on the official company’s website, The prices begin at $22 per standard edition. The product designer and manufacturer is located in Spain and can ship the item to anywhere in the world.

As a focus on gaming sensations becomes more trendy, brands like Triggershoot can certainly expect attention from consumers. Like the iPad hammock that we’ve covered in a previous post, Triggershoot is a product that offers to solve a pain point for the iOS fan community.