Drinking Hennessy NFT for 70.47 ETH?

Maison Hennessy has become the latest big-name brand to hop on the NFT craze. The cognac producer recently released its first-ever NFTs in partnership with Blockbar, a platform for sales and purchases of liquor brand digital assets. For a small price of $226,450, or 70.47 ETH, if that would make you feel any better, you could gain ownership of the first and last bottles of Hennessy 8, a 250 bottle limited-edition offering from the cognac brand.

The Maison Hennessy Brand

The Maison Hennessy brand, which dates back to over 250 years ago, is known for luxury and elegance, a reputation that has been strictly maintained by each of its master blenders across different dispensations. The Hennessy-8 embodies the tradition of transgenerational excellence by using one eau-de-vie from all its blenders, including the Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, which currently holds the position.

Drinking Hennessy NFT for 70.47 ETH?

What Does the Buyer Get?

The buyer would be able to own both Hennessy-8 bottles and would be provided with a digital proof of ownership that is securely stored by Blockbar within the blockchain, eliminating any possibility of knock-off products flooding the market. This means that the owner of the Hennessy 1/250 and 250/250 NFTs would be assured of their originality and could opt to trade them whenever they wish.

What about the actual bottle? No need to worry. Blockbar also preserves the bottles at their storage site and will deliver them at the owner’s request. The complete package for this NFT includes:

  • A pipette
  • A cork holder
  • A chest made with oak staves from La Sarrazine, the Hennessy cooperage and designed by Arik Levy, accompanied by a copper key
  • A commemorative sculpture
  • An engraved carafe
  • 4 tasting glasses designed 30 years ago by George Riedel and Yann Fillioux (reissued)
  • A personalized authentication plate and a numbered certificate

However, the token is instantly burned once the physical asset is retrieved by its owner.

NFTs and Liquor Brands

Hennessy isn’t the only brand to adopt this NFT approach. Others such as Glenfiddich have also seen massive success by putting premium versions of their drinks for sale as a digital asset on Blockbar. This points to a growing collaboration between NFT auction platforms and liquor brands, one that could prove very profitable indeed. So, the next time you spot the pretty lady at the bar, don’t buy her a drink. Offer her an NFT instead! You can thank us later.