4Bulls Review: Crypto Trading Project of the Year?

Up until now, small startups like HaasOnline or 3Commas have tried hard to automate trading in the crypto world. While some of the features offered by these aforementioned market participants captured the crypto community’s attention, many serious traders avoided using these services due to the imperfections in the HaasOnline tools and limitations in functionality with the 3Commas platform. When it comes down to making a profit, traders cannot afford to risk losing their money.

Until now, skepticism around automation tools prevailed in the trading world. 4Bulls, a company founded by crypto influencers and traders, introduced its trading platform which will be launched on May 1, 2020. The sleek concept of the platform is what the crypto trading community needs.

What Is 4Bulls?

High-Power Trading Tools and Automation

What you do on Binance, Huobi, BitMEX, and other crypto exchanges can be automated. With 4Bulls, you can connect to an exchange of your choice via API and automate your trades with high-power trading tools offered by the platform.

Unique pieces of the platform’s functionality include an interactive graph and high-power trading tools, such as:

  • Split and automation of buy orders
  • Automation of trading between trendlines
  • Regular and Dynamic Stop-Loss
  • Trailing
  • Take-Profit steps
  • Fibonacci Bot
  • Free market screener, or “Market Eye”
  • And many other great tools

With 4Bulls, a crypto trader can automate pretty much any strategy, including the Martingale strategy. Additionally, for each tool, there will be a separate video tutorial featured on the platform.

Copy Trading

If you want to do something besides trading your own money, you can choose to become a copy trade leader and help others make profitable trades. Just work on your stats to convince traders to subscribe to your signals, and make more profits when you help your subscribers make profits. The great use of the 4Bulls Copy Trade feature is that it gives a trader easy access to additional capital.

For less experienced traders or investors who subscribe to copy trade leaders, the Copy Trade feature can help to achieve 10% – 40% profit margins each month. The feature is especially useful for followers who want to maximize their capital in a short period of time.


The team that is working on this product is known for building crypto exchanges. So far, the mockup looks organized and easy-to-understand. Updates on the platform’s development are regular.

We are excited to see what 4Bulls will become in the upcoming years.