Google Is Raising Machines like Babies; Will AI Enslave Us?

Google is working on many new platforms, including the Google Lens, among others. And, the VP of Google Lens and AR just wrote in a recent post that Google Lens will have the ability to search for images on your phone. And, machine learning and AI will continue to allow Google Lens to improve.

Google Is Raising Machines like Babies; Will AI Enslave Us?

Google Is Raising Machines like Babies

Google has deeply invested in machine learning and AI. Its investment into Google Lens is no different. It is slowly nurturing the program and raising the machine-learning program like a baby. No doubt, it is doing the same with other programs as well.

Machine learning and AI have progressed to the point where Google Lens can take the camera image of a specific breed of dog and identify it, based on a search. In the example that the Google Lens VP gave, a smartphone picture of a Shiba Inu allowed Google Lens to conduct a search of this photo, identifying it in the search as a Shiba Inu.

Google Lens Is Still Making Mistakes

Of course, Google Lens is still making mistakes. For example, the picture of a gourd-shaped wooden essence diffuser caused Google Lens to think it was a “gourd” after a search. However, with further investments in machine learning and AI, these mistakes will be whittled away. The program will improve.

Google is raising machine-learning programs like babies. And, with other tech companies such as IBM and Samsung partnering to make microprocessor chips for “terminator” brains, AI is progressing at several times the rate that anyone expects. This is exactly what Elon Musk warned about, when he said that people underestimate the rate of AI development. He warned Congress to start regulating AI and watching its progress closely. He wanted Congress to get a full understanding of artificial intelligence, before regulating it. Hopefully, by then, it will not be too late. Will AI take over the world, at this rapid pace of development? Will humans be in control?