Elon Musk Predicted Advanced AI That Will Control Humans

You might remember the scandalous Joe Rogan interview in which Elon Musk took a quick marijuana puff and talked about artificial intelligence (AI). This momentous discussion provoked a lot of noise among Internet users, who were quick to use Elon’s puff in memes.

While media was focusing on spreading the weed photos around the web, the entire world seemed to forget about the actual subject that Elon Musk discussed. That subject was our future with AI.

Elon Musk Predicted Advanced AI

Advanced AI is not a joke, but it is an actual thing that is happening in our lives right now. Artificial intelligence companies include Amazon, NVIDIA, Microsoft, and IBM, among others. No one seems to worry about Elon’s prophecies. However, they are suddenly becoming more and more tangible.

Elon Musk Predicted Advanced AI That Will Control Humans
Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics Will Control Humanity

According to Musk, robots that have the potential to turn humanity upside down are now the reality. Only 3 years ago, Boston Dynamics were proud of their not-very-impressive animal robots that barely moved. However, 3 years later, the company managed to invent a fully functional hyper-athletic terminator-looking robot that can perform aerobic tricks and parkour moves, such as backflips and front flips.

If your imagination is vivid enough, think of what will happen if the Siri system possesses this hyperactive robot body. If the impressive hardware is suddenly dominated by an intelligent system, will you dare insult it? Will you misuse it?

AI: Advanced Robots vs. Advanced Humans

According to Elon Musk, the future of artificial intelligence might have a positive outlook. However, this is only if humans manage to combine AI developments with the human body. According to Musk, a new type of upgraded person has the possibility of being more predictable and friendly than a complete robot.

Let’s just hope that the idea of AI humans (if this ever happens) will not lead to a scenario of the famous Hollywood movie, “Upgrade.”

Elon Musk Predicted Advanced AI That Will Control Humans
Movie “Upgrade”