IBM and Samsung Began Building Terminator Brains; AI Will Take Over?

Two of the world’s largest tech companies, IBM and Samsung, are teaming up together. IBM is entering into a partnership with Samsung to have Samsung build microprocessors. And, these processors will be for Power Systems; Z and LinuxONE; high-performance computing systems; and cloud offerings. Essentially, the corporations are building computer terminator brains together. With this rapid pace of acceleration and AI’s quick development, will AI take over? Maybe Elon Musk was right about his AI nightmare.

IBM and Samsung Began Building Terminator Brains; AI Will Take Over?

IBM and Samsung Begin Building Terminator Brains

Terminator was an awesome movie about a cyborg “human” assassin. The cyborg “human” assassin was incredibly intelligent; it also had the ability to survive gunfire and navigate the world around it. It looks like IBM and Samsung are on their way to build the next “Terminator” brain. 

The Samsung microprocessors will power several IBM products. These products include the Power Systems, Z and LinuxOne. Power Systems includes servers that speed up big data insights and hybrid cloud deployment. Also, Z offers hardware and digital security. Additionally, LinuxOne offers the ability to scale an enterprise’s transaction volume. Samsung and IBM will make a powerful team.

Elon Musk Predicted That AI Will Take Over

A while ago, Elon Musk went on a radio station, warning that artificial intelligence is progressing at a never-before-seen speed. And people are underestimating AI’s rate of progress. Unfortunately, Elon’s statement on this station seemed a little incredible; perhaps it was because of a joint he puffed during that live interview. Despite the backlash, Elon Musk has persisted with comments about the possible future of artificial intelligence. In one conference, he answered a Congress worker’s question about policymaking with regards to artificial intelligence. And, Musk warned, Congress should carefully watch AI progression, before it gets out of hand.

Perhaps, IBM and Samsung are on their way to creating this vision by Elon Musk, of a world which AI develops uncontrollably. We are already seeing the excitement that people have over AI robots like Sophia. We dare not think of the next level, where AI might be able to take over the world.