Scientists Predicted the Year of Apocalypse; Prophets Were Right?

Scientists were able to figure out when global warming will cause the apocalypse. They say that climate change caused The Great Dying. The Great Dying happened about 250 million years ago in the late Permian age, before the dinosaurs. It wiped out 96 percent of life.

Scientists Predicted the Year of Apocalypse; Prophets Were Right?

The Great Dying and Its Similarities

The Great Dying was the biggest extinction event. Scientists believe global warming caused it. When the oceans warmed up, they say, ocean creatures increased their metabolism. Thus, they used up more oxygen and there was little left in the ocean. When this happened, half the ocean was no longer able to host life.

Scientists say that just like The Great Dying, we are experiencing gases warming up the atmosphere. In The Great Dying, global warming caused the oceans to lose 80 percent of their oxygen.

These scientists warn that global warming of today can cause a similar event. This is especially true at today’s rate of man-made climate change. The scientists calculated that by 2100, the oceans will approach 20 percent of warming in the late Permian. By 2300, they say, it could reach between 35 and 50 percent.

Prophets Were Right About Apocalypse?

The prophets believe that an apocalypse on Earth is coming. Many of them guessed various years, throughout the ages. So far, they have been wrong about the 2012 human apocalypse. But, these scientists are guessing that one might come due to global warming.

Even if you do not know much about The Great Dying, you might be able to guess what oxygen depletion will look like. Furthermore, you might be upset at companies that pollute the Earth. In this case, you might want to try reducing your waste. Or, you can stop buying altogether and grow what you need. Additionally, you can invest in solar panels. This is only if you want your children’s descendants to avoid Mars. If so, we should keep the Earth beautiful.