NASA Is Getting Ready to Livestream First Humans on Mars

NASA recently sent its high-tech craft, InSight, to Mars, and it will be livestreaming on the Red Planet. Finally, after a six month journey, InSight will be landing on Monday, November 26, 2018. Its mission is to dig into Mars and measure for marsquakes. While this lander will not be looking for signs of life, it is great that the Mars colonization process is starting. As InSight cost close to $1 billion USD, the hefty price tag suggests that Mars colonization is a serious consideration.

First Humans on Mars Will Have Their Own YouTube Live Stream

Similarly, just like InSight will have livestreaming capabilities, brave individuals who will begin colonizing Mars in a few years will have capabilities to livestream their daily routines on the Red Planet. They might even style it to look like YouTube Live. What sounds more like a shot from “The Martian” film might soon become a reality. Human Earthlings might one day watch human Martians installing their solar panels, planting their veggies, and building their houses.

NASA to Help Building Houses on Mars

It is surprising how many people signed up for the Mars colonization program to escape their troubles on Earth. Seems like, with more Mars colonization marketing, we will be seeing more individuals who will be willing to relocate to the Red Planet. Some designers recently crafted futuristic apartments and mentioned that people might begin building on the Red Planet in about 20 years.

Humans Never Seem to Stop Exploring

Above all, it is in our nature to persistently explore things. Once we colonize Mars, there might be other planets that we can colonize. By moving away from our planet, we will be inventing new technology that will help us reach distant places quickly and conveniently. So, eventually, humanity might become multi-planetary. We might even be able to travel at light speed one day to reach other solar systems. And, on each planet that we explore, there will be unique high-tech crafts that transmit live stream videos.

NASA Is Getting Ready to Livestream First Humans on Mars