Venus Looked Like Earth Many Years Ago; Global Warming Killed…

According to a lengthy federal report on November 23, climate change can cause 10% of the U.S. economy to disappear by the year 2100. Some scientists think that we can learn lessons from another planet with global warming, Venus. According to these scientists, Venus used to have a climate like Earth’s, until it started to suffer from global warming. 

Global Warming Happens When Atmosphere Traps Too Much Heat

Although scientists do not know what events caused Venus’s temperature to rise to its point today, 880 degrees Fahrenheit, some researchers blame it on global warming. They believe that this happened because Venus, which once had a climate that possibly could host life, had an atmosphere that started to trap too much heat. The trapped heat began to build and build. 

Venus Is a Warning to Earth

Scientists believe that Venus is a warning to Earth. Moreover, Earth can one day turn up like Venus, if it does not figure out how to stop trapping heat. Nowadays, global warming believers blame the heat trap on humans who produce too much carbon dioxide through industrial activities. In addition, car and power plant emissions do not help, either; they make global warming worse by trapping heat, as well as increasing energy and heat releases in the atmosphere.

Venus Looked Like Earth Many Years Ago; Global Warming Killed…

Scientific Report Contradicts Donald Trump Agenda

The scientific report reveals a lot about what is to come if we continue on our current path. The report was a Congress mandate and the White House made the report public, sneakily on Black Friday (November 23). However, this report is controversial because its findings directly contradict President Donald Trump’s agenda of environmental deregulation. As a previous businessperson, President Donald Trump believes that environmental deregulation will help increase economic growth. But, at what cost, Donald?

Many politicians like to buy their own personal ratings and get corporations to support them. In turn, powerful public corporations are controlled by shareholders. These shareholders are oftentimes looking to increase their profits with short timeframes. Thus, sometimes shareholders do not care about long-term profits, as long as they have short-term ones. And, to some extent, politicians who only care about serving a certain number of terms, as limited by law, need to cater to these companies with short-term mindsets. If something is far off in the future, let us say in 2100, we can all just kick the can down the road. By that time, perhaps humans will find another planet to colonize and destroy.