Red Dead Redemption Horse Pooping Is Trending on Xbox DVR

Xbox DVR is a collection of Xbox One user content. As an avid gamer, one can use DVR for the purposes of watching playbacks, checking out gifts, and performing other tasks. Recently, the platform began attracting users with its outrageously funny videos. Moreover, one of its top videos features the Red Dead Redemption Horse Pooping on a man.

Xbox DVR Video: Red Dead Redemption Horse Pooping

If you seek new ways to entertain yourself, do something funny while playing a video game. And that is exactly what one of the users did while playing Red Dead Redemption. In the game, the Red Dead Redemption user intentionally fell off his virtual horse saddle; then, he let the animal poop on his character. Indeed, the video is funny. Hence, there is no doubt why thousands of gamers watched it.

Red Dead Redemption Horse Pooping Is Trending on Xbox DVR

Funny Gaming Videos on YouTube

Humor and gaming go hand in hand. Thus, thousands of gamers create funny clips that they later feature on Xbox DVR or YouTube. And, millions of people later watch those videos. In fact, trolling in gaming became so popular that you can now find multiple compilations of video game trolling pieces on YouTube. Ranging from clips featuring Fortnite traps to episodes with GTA betrayals, you can find nearly anything.

How Funny Game Fails Will Change with VR

Within the next 10 years, gaming will shift to a completely new level. Thus, VR video adventures will certainly prevail. Game fails are a lot of fun to watch today. With rotating VR chairs and new headsets, the experience will become even more vivid. Let us just hope that no one gets a heart attack from watching a video.

Never appropriate but always funny, dirty jokes have entertained people for centuries. Back in old days, stepping in poop seemed like a funny fail. Today, it is a pooping horse in the Red Dead Redemption game. Tomorrow, it could be a virtual poop on somebody’s virtual face.