Levitating Ikea Furniture Is Coming Soon

Some of the coolest levitating objects are coming to life. One of the greatest of them is the Maglev train, the transportation of the future. Our appreciation for magnetic objects spawned the creation of levitating lamps and plants. And, with the rising popularity of levitating objects, it is clear that Ikea will go the floating way as well.

Magnetic Levitation Objects Are the New Ikea Furniture

Magnetic levitation objects are quickly becoming the new trend. This is true when it comes to magnetic levitation trains, and especially true when it comes to furniture.

The magnetic levitating Moonlamp, Lunevis, allows you to have a floating 3D moon in your room. A 3D printer crafted the moon by using the model from “LRO,” NASA’s moon exploration satellite.

Another furniture object, the Levia Lamp, has been made even more special by magnetically levitating the light bulb. The light bulb does not need any batteries and the lamp connects a fabric wire for charging. Its standard base is made from Italian marble, allowing for a timeless look. With its low energy consumption and high LED lifecycle, this lamp has a lifespan of 17 years.

Levitating Ikea Furniture Is Coming Soon

What Will Be Next? 

Following this new trend of magnetic levitation furniture objects, other concepts that we see for the future include: levitating Ikea couch for VR gaming, levitating Ikea sofa for kids to sleep better, and levitating Ikea chairs to help you think in circles.

The Next Step After Levitating Furniture and Trains

After levitating furniture and trains, even more wild concepts come to mind, including: levitating cars, levitating highways, levitating “tree” houses in the sky, and even levitating land. If levitating land is successful, the next step will be levitating countries. You can potentially create a country that levitates above magnets in the sea, so that rising oceans do not swallow the population. This is now the stuff of science fiction. Though, the maglev moon and lamp are our bright reality.