New Oculus Rift Triggers a Heart Attack; Virtual Reality Gets Real

Death is possible via VR devices like Oculus Rift. Extreme situations in the virtual world cause your heart to beat faster. As a result, the high level of adrenaline can cause a person to die.

Recently, VR companies began releasing new generations of their headsets. And, these gadgets are capable of making the virtual world look more real.

People Are Scared of VR

We enjoy watching people freaking out when they play VR games. As much as witnessing this can be fun, laugh no more. VR could be dangerous, as it might cause heart attacks. Broken heart syndrome is not new. However, with new tech, unique cases such as VR incidents are more frequent. As dangerous as VR was before, the danger was nothing compared to what it is now.

Oculus Rift VR Headset to Increase Heart Attack Risk

As you know, eye-tracking is important in VR. That is why companies like Lemnis Technologies and Oculus VR began to work on improving their tech. In search of making VR look more real, the new tech giants made large steps forward. No longer will you feel dizzy in the virtual world. Because the digital universe is getting more realistic, your perception of it changes, too. In fact, it will soon be hard to feel the contrast between reality and virtual reality. This might increasing your risk of heart attack in a VR game.

Elon Musk Believes That We Could Live in Virtual Reality

Elon Musk constantly mentions his thoughts on VR and AI. According to the businessman, there is the possibility that we are living in a virtual world. If there is a civilization that is more advanced than us, there is no doubt that it is possible. Humans managed to upscale their coding abilities in just a couple of decades. VR is already realistic to the point where it scares people. Now, imagine a world of beings who might have evolved earlier than we did. They would be capable of developing a technology that can imitate the real world.

It is in the very core of human beings to constantly develop new things. We crave to experiment and to push the boundaries of our reality. Just like every piece of new tech, VR will continue to improve. Thus, the future will inevitably be full of new versions of Oculus Rift and Lemnis headsets, among others. I would personally choose a pair of slim VR glasses over a clunky laptop.

The future brings a lot of excitement. Just make sure to watch your health to prevent heart attacks from high levels of adrenaline.

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