Formula E Could Destroy F1 and Nascar

The world is getting greener by the day. And, the world seems to be enjoying it. More people choose to go with new solar energy panels instead of traditional power plants. Additionally, more folks choose electric cars over the ones that pollute the environment. The “green” behavior is not only popular in regular living. There is also a big change in racing sports. As a result of the trending behavior, one day Formula E might outcompete F1 and Nascar. And, the upcoming fifth season of Formula E proves just that.

Formula E Could Destroy F1 and Nascar

Formula E: How It All Began

Formula E began its journey a few years ago. On the upside, the world witnessed exciting races that were free of emission. On the downside, there were some major issues with the new concepts.

In the beginning, all cars looked the same. Additionally, batteries did not last for long enough; thus, the drivers had to switch cars in the middle of the race. Among the above two problems, the vehicles were not powerful enough. As the cars were as fast as Honda Civics, it was hard to call the Formula E competition a legitimate car race.

Formula E Begins Its Fifth Season

The organizers of the “green” motorsport learned their mistakes. Thus, in the upcoming season, the Formula E enthusiasts will witness major improvements.

The new Season 5 cars have twice the energy. Even more, now the emission-free formulas have the better horsepower. More power means more excitement. The Formula E team implemented some technical improvements. In addition to all, the looks of the cars changed. The vehicles look sleeker. The new design also improves the cars’ drivability.

Formula E, F1, and Nascar: The Future of Motorsport

Rather than the smell of gasoline, the majority of people choose “green”. In fact, the relatively new Formula E is growing its fanbase; thus, existing communities like Nascar are beginning to switch to EVs. By 2021, the famous motorsport will be full of electric vehicles; and this is great. Perhaps, F1 will be the last to change to electric; the famous motorsport will follow the traditional path until at least 2039.