Volkswagen Created a Huge Electric Cargo to Cover Its Emission Sins

Back in 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency revealed a dark secret in the Volkswagen Headquarters’ closet. The US EPA discovered that Volkswagen intentionally programmed the TDI diesel engines of their cars to activate emissions controls, only at the moment of regulatory testing. Volkswagen was cheating the game; and the company was secretly polluting our environment. However, the German car manufacturer got caught one day, and millions of people learned the bitter truth. Moreover, many individuals even sold their VW cars to protest against the car manufacturer’s actions. After realizing its mistake and performing some homework, the auto brand made improvements. Thus, in its recent announcement, Volkswagen introduced its new Electric Cargo to the world. And, the vehicle looks spectacular.

What Is Volkswagen Electric Cargo

The new model, I.D. BUZZ CARGO, is what the world knows as Volkswagen’s Electric Cargo vehicle. Cute and simple-looking, this model is nothing similar to what the brand offered to its followers in the past. With innovative features, including a solar roof that extends the car’s driving range by up to 9 miles a day and a fully functional autopilot function, the new cargo model attracts a lot of interest. It feels like VW’s dark past stimulated it to think about the bright future of its brand. Thus, today, Volkswagen is not only inventing green energy vehicles, but it is also making them highly competitive.

Volkswagen Created a Huge Electric Cargo to Cover Its Emission Sins

Companies That Invent High-Tech Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen is not the only car brand that followed Tesla’s path of electric vehicles. Many companies and their cars, including Jaguar with its new Jaguar I-Pace, BMW with its luxury i3 model, and Chevy Bolt with its EV, also managed to achieve great results in the field.

Solar energy and electric cars made a notable breakthrough in the history of humanity. As a result, the cost of comfort seems to be getting lower, while the quality of life seems to be getting higher by the day. Although the change is exciting, let us hope that Volkswagen and other green energy enthusiasts will stay on their chosen paths and continue making the world more sustainable.