Africa – A New Leader in the New Tech World

We all know the famous African inventor, Elon Musk. He is there for green world supporters, with his Tesla cars and solar panels. Apparently, he is not the only one who is obsessed with renewable energy and its potential. Many modern-day people and companies in Africa are also following this trend. One such company is Afritech Energy.

What is Afritech Energy?

Just like Tesla and SolarCity, Afritech Energy is a company with a focus on renewable energy technologies. The company is a leading service provider in East Africa; it significantly contributes to improving the development of African countries. If the continent manages to dedicate its efforts toward improving renewable energy solutions, its countries might one day begin exporting renewable energy into neighboring countries that have fewer energy sources.

Africa – A New Leader in the New Tech World

What Will Future Look like in Africa: Software Development

African countries become more self-sustainable by the day. In the programming field, we see more software developers showing up in countries like Rwanda and Nigeria. With more software developers from African countries, we can expect to see more startups working on developing online applications and protocols.

What Will Future Look like in Africa: Cryptocurrency and Mobile Payment

Cryptocurrency and online payment solutions occupy another big niche that is becoming prevalent in African countries. Because many people do not have bank accounts, the nations on the African continent are in need of alternative solutions. In fact, the company Flutterwave is already working on empowering the significance of mobile money in Africa.

What Will Future Look like in Africa: Drones and Flying Cars

Drones that can deliver small packages, including medicine and vaccines, occupy another niche in Africa these days. Because areas like Dodoma have fewer regulations when it comes to airspace, it is easy for companies like Zipline’s Tanzania to begin their operations in the field.

If drones prevail in African countries, it is likely that flying cars will quickly follow. Who knows? It is possible that while the U.S. and the E.U. are busy dealing with their in-house bureaucracy, it is time for Africa to shine and impress.