New Old Navy and Gap Clothes Do Not Rip; Self-Healing Fabric…

Many of you might be familiar with Old Navy and Gap clothing stores. Now, there is a new type of fabric that may soon be part of the famous brands’ clothes. The new fabric, Nano Cure Tech, can literally heal itself. When you puncture the new material, it does not rip. Instead, it fixes itself.

Nano Cure Tech Fabric for Old Navy, Gap, and Other Stores

The new Nano Cure tech fabric has unique resealing and repairing capabilities. The fiber is weather-resistant, with a silicone top coating. If something punctures the fabric, it creates a hole, but the jacket fabric can move back into place. The nylon is durable, due to chains of building blocks that form around the puncture object. The object does not break the nylon threads but pushes them apart.

The new fabric is now available for sale by Imperial Motion. There is already a vast number of lightweight jackets and other products.

New Old Navy and Gap Clothes Do Not Rip; Self-Healing Fabric…

Stores like Gap and Old Navy to Offer the Fabric

Retail stores like Old Navy and Gap are famous for embracing nano tech. Moreover, the popular stores already offer clothing for active lifestyles. As a result, it would not be too big of a stretch for Gap and Old Navy to start offering clothing with nano cure tech. Thus, as long as brands are able to source the fabric and make suitable arrangements, they can begin crafting self-healing clothes at reasonable prices.

In the near future, you will no longer need to throw away your clothes after a year of use. With nano cure tech fabric, you will be able to keep your shirts and jackets for a lifetime. No more running to the stores, and no more wasting time shopping frivolously. Even more, you will soon be able to purchase better quality tents, chairs, and tablecloths. It will save you time and money in the long run.