New Google VR Boots Can Make One Trip and Fall

Google is applying for a patent for a VR boot concept that is sure to make you fall off your chair in astonishment. While wearing these VR boots with treadmills attached, you can put on VR goggles and walk in place indefinitely. The VR goggles can transport you to places to walk in the game. There are a variety of potential ways to use the boots, including hanging out with friends, exercising, and “vacationing.” 

How the VR Boots Work

The VR boots work by allowing you to walk in place, using treadmills to counteract your walking. Presumably, they would be able to allow you to walk somewhat normally, but realistically, you might trip and fall the first few times until you get used to them. Certainly, if Google does come out with these shoes for commercial use, they can become the next “healthy-lifestyle combined with digital high-tech” trend.

VR Boots for Hanging out with Your Friends

Similarly to the Ready Player One Movie, you can potentially meet your friends in the game and walk around in your VR boots. In the movie, the main character can meet his friends in the VR game and hang out with them in the game environment. Thus, you might be able to meet your friends and go on urban or nature walks.

New Google VR Boots Can Make One Trip and Fall

VR Boots for Exercising

These VR boots might allow you to be able to exercise from the safety of your own building. You might even be able to exercise in your room, if you set the device up properly. The game could probably even count your steps and your tread between both boots, thus allowing you to match your walk with the distance in the game. It could then report back to you the distance that you walked each day. This is a great way to lose fat. 

VR Boots for Vacationing

The Google boots provide boundless opportunities for relaxing mental vacations. Who needs those expensive vacations? You can take your family along for a “VR” vacation right in your own home? If you install a VR setup, you can bring all your family members together and save thousands on a “beach” retreat. Hey, it is the thought that counts, right? And, you might get the rest that you need. People are already using VR for alcohol rehab, so it does do some mental good.

Seems like, the VR boots are the next best thing to walking outside your building. If you are allergic to sunlight or dislike rainy days, you can walk in a simulated natural environment. Even more, the VR boots will allow you to lose weight privately, without needing to embarrass yourself in the gym. And, when you emerge a few pounds less, everyone will be shocked at your results! Just make sure not to trip and fall too hard.