New Self-Charging Battery Free Toothbrush to Destroy Sonicare

We have all used manual toothbrushes that cannot reach specific hidden spots in the back of our mouths. Additionally, we have all experienced the terrible feeling of sore gums, after cleaning our mouths using those old-fashioned cleaning instruments. At some point, people invented electric toothbrushes like Sonicare, which changed the world. Although Sonicare is terribly efficient and a good product, the only inconvenience with Sonicare is its charger. Taking a Sonicare on an extended trip is somewhat inconvenient, as one needs to take the charger along, as well. Say “hi” to inconvenience no more, as a Portland startup invented a “Sonicare killer” that does not need a battery.

Sonicare “Killer” to Replace the Famous Brand?

The new invention is called “Be.” It is a hybrid toothbrush that performs just like a regular electric toothbrush, except that it wastes no energy. Although you might doubt this statement, facts are facts. “Be” is unique, as it is mechanical, not electronic; as a result, it uses a different technology to power itself. To bring the tool into motion, all you have to do is to give the dial on the bottom of the toothbrush two twists. Then, you hit the “Start”.

New Self-Charging Battery Free Toothbrush to Destroy Sonicare

Downshifting or New Tech?

It looks like people can get tired of complex solutions, and the world is gradually leaning toward more simple ways of living. Similarly to wooden eggs and bamboo brushes that raise money on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, “Be” is also a leader in the race of cool gadgets. Not only is “Be” mechanical, but it is also easy-to-use.

The Coolest Futuristic Toothbrushes

On one side of the spectrum, we have high-tech gadgets; on the other side, we have simple devices that are trending. Society might choose to bring the toothbrushing process to the next level. For example, companies can improve their products by automating the cleaning process and letting AI pick each tooth individually. However, if folks are not ready to fully rely on machines, there is a chance that more inventions like “Be” will be showing up in the market.