Downshifter Is Selling Little Pieces of Wood for $15; Amazon Is Jealous

While many companies are trying to increase the number of gadgets that consumers are using and bring new tech forward, one particular startup is doing the exact opposite. It is trying to focus on inner peace and quiet in the midst of all the work noise. Orijin Design Company invented “The Thinking Egg”, a little egg shape that comes in pine, brass, or howlite. The little egg is nothing more than just a minimalist decorative item that a downshifter can take around on a commute or to the office. The object is seemingly capable of reminding one to slow down and be in the moment.

The Thinking Egg: Built by a Downshifter for Downshifters

When it comes to the “unique” item itself, the little egg is just 23.38mm tall, about the length of one-third of your finger. The little object has a minuscule shape, which helps you hold tightly onto the egg. Additionally, the circular shape helps to comfort you during your darkest times. The width of the little egg is even smaller (17mm), which is about the length one-fourth of your finger.

The price of ONE egg, following the early bird special and limited offer, is $15. You can choose the pine, brass, or howlite version of this tiny egg. Due to its travel size, this product is great to give to a loved one overseas.

Despite such a large price tag for such a small piece of carved wood, the company-creator has already raised CAD $188,213 (or $142,157 USD). This funding surpassed the company’s initial goal of CAD $10,000 (or $7,553 USD). Either the commercial for the product or the egg shape itself must have brainwashed its consumers, as who would pay $15 for a piece of wood? Apparently, many. 

Downshifter Is Selling Little Pieces of Wood for $15; Amazon Is Jealous

Downshifter Egg to Make Amazon Jealous

This downshifter’s egg, which you can buy for $15, is pricey enough for its size to make Amazon jealous. The greedy Amazonians must be jumping to get a piece of this business. However, downshifters might shy away from products made by Amazon, as it is known to be one of the most relentless companies when it comes to work overload.

We foresee that tomorrow’s culture is going to place a focus on downshifting. The demand that we see for this wooden relaxation egg is large. Hey, maybe even those Amazon employees might quietly buy the eggs during their barely existent off-hours.