Downshifting Will Be Changing the Future

Simple items are becoming popular again. A good example of this demand is the wooden egg, with a size about a third of your index finger, that helps you find your inner peace. The small object raised more than the funding campaign required, and it is selling for $15 each. Now, there is a new item for downshifting people that popped up, which is the bamboo toothbrush.

Bamboo Toothbrush – The Root of All Downshifting

The bamboo toothbrush, Brush It On, is notable for its simplicity and popularity. While one category of individuals includes those with electric sonic toothbrushes, another category includes people with opposite preferences. These latter people choose to surround themselves with simple items that are reminiscent of nature, such as the wooden egg for $15. Now, there is even a designer bamboo toothbrush that uses 100% of its profits to protect natural habitats. Why are people choosing simple items?

People Are Downshifting

People are downshifting, because they feel overwhelmed by high-tech soundwaves and urbanized surroundings. They daydream about strolling on clean beaches, holding wooden eggs, and using bamboo toothbrushes. The reason why most people need to take vacations every once in a while is because they need to rest.

If you are surrounded by paperwork 24/7, with the phone going off and your boss yelling at you, this is not a nice environment to be in. After a few years, your body would break down and you would want to eliminate all of the chaos. It would be nice and peaceful to help nature, as well as your immune system, at the same time.

Downshifting Will Be Changing the Future

What Will Happen in the Future

Here is what will happen in a future that is full of chaos and tech: people will try to leave their uncomfortable surroundings for better ones. Thus, some individuals will be searching for this peace on Mars, which they hope will help them escape from their troubles on Earth. What might also happen is that groups of people will try to form non-tech communities and try to develop their own co-ops. These might be government-protected lands; this way, nobody can interfere with the way of life for these people.

We do not know what societal structures this focus on simplicity will bring. However, we do know that human beings are tribal. Thus, we might see people forming little communities, or tribes, around a common downshifting interest. Bamboo toothbrushes are just the beginning of this shift.