NASA Protects Elon Musk and SpaceX from Troubles

It turns out that NASA is protecting Elon Musk and SpaceX from troubles. Elon Musk, as many of you know, was on a podcast interview appearing to smoke weed. This provoked a backlash and further regulatory scrutiny on the inventor’s companies, including SpaceX. During an interview with reporters, NASA chief administrator Jim Bridenstine defended Elon Musk, saying that Elon commits to safety and understands that it was not appropriate behavior.

NASA Asked for Safety Review of SpaceX

NASA, in its quest to colonize Mars and explore space, is working with SpaceX on spacecraft missions. Moreover, the agency might partner together with SpaceX on Mars colonization. Because of the numerous initiatives involving SpaceX, the incentive is to make sure that SpaceX keeps NASA astronauts safe. Thus, the space agency launched a safety review of SpaceX and Boeing; that includes SpaceX’s company culture and drug-free rules.

NASA initially did not admit that the review was due to Elon Musk’s action of smoking a joint during a podcast interview; however, Jim Bridenstine claimed that the smoke was not helpful. Bridenstine said that he was the one who requested the safety review.

NASA Protects Elon Musk and SpaceX from Troubles

NASA Defends Elon Musk and SpaceX

Despite Elon Musk’s past mistakes, the inventor is committed to safety, like anybody else. And, NASA is there for him. In fact, Joe Bridenstine vouched that Musk will not be displaying this behavior again. NASA and SpaceX have so many things to do these days that there is absolutely no time for smoking.

By conducting a safety review, Bridenstine is saving Elon from any further embarrassment, should SpaceX fail the safety review at a later time. Bridenstine is also motivated to save Elon Musk’s company, because NASA and SpaceX have a number of mission partnerships in the pipeline. Let us not forget that there are big Mars colonization plans ahead for humankind.