Epic Games and YouTube Partnered to Make Fortnite Even Better

Streaming Fortnite on YouTube has become trendy these days. Not only are millions of folks playing the game, but thousands of gamers are also watching the most popular Epic Game on YouTube. Recently, Epic Games invited YouTubers to their studios to possibly collaborate on Season 7 content.

What Is Fortnite Season 7

Traditionally, each Fortnite season lasts for about 10 weeks, which means Season 7 will arrive before Christmas. Since Christmas is an important event of the season, we may expect the new Fortnite update to include a lot of Santa Clause themes in the game. For one, there could be new decor elements in the game like Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and mistletoe. Besides the changes in the Map, we expect the new skins to be updated accordingly. The most obvious outfits will likely include Santa Clause and Snowman outfits. Additionally, there could be Christmas lights parachutes and other sparkly things. Unlike the Halloween edition, the upcoming Season 7 is going to be brighter and merrier.

Why Is Fortnight so Popular

Fortnight is one of the most popular games today. The producers of the game managed to create a kid-friendly shooter game that appears to be more of a community game than virtual killing. Full of vivid graphics and futuristic landscapes, the game is a masterpiece that deserves a kid’s attention.

In addition to nice-looking features, the game is 100% free when you play with others. Thus, you can enjoy spending time with friends without spending a dime. Of course, there are lots of ways to spend cash in the game. But, this is optional, as it is done for pleasure and game add-ons.

What Will Gaming Look like in the Future

While traditional PCs and Xbox consoles are still trendy, we believe that this will change. With cool-looking VR and AR kits coming into the market, virtual reality and augmented reality will likely prevail. With that said, the future of Fortnite might shift. It might require participants to wear VR or AR kits.

Fortnite Gets More Addicting By the Day