New Xbox One with Levitating Disc is Soon for Sale

Microsoft is about to release its new Xbox One that is going to be disc-free. Finally, not only will CD rams disappear from our vehicles, but they will also vanish from our games. While Microsoft fans are enjoying this upcoming change, we are trying to figure out what is going to happen for the next few years. Given the new trend of levitating furniture, it is possible that new tech will venture towards levitating features as well.

Levitation Is Trending

Levitating objects for the home are becoming appealing these days. From lamps to furniture pieces, the world is slowly switching to floating mode. Even the maglev train is becoming a new popular form of transportation.

Due to a focus on profitability, famous brands like Microsoft might try to catch up with the newest trends, including levitation. There is a possibility that new tech features will include some aspects of maglev. We can even expect industries such as gaming to catch onto this trend.

New Xbox One with Levitating Disc is Soon for Sale

New Xbox One Will Have Levitating Features

If Microsoft tries to feature new tech, it is possible that new versions of Xbox One will include levitation features. (We are not referring to the current version that is disc-free but to versions after it.) One possible version that comes to mind includes a decorative disc that levitates above the console. Or, there could be a version with a console that levitates while the Xbox gamer plays his favorite Fallout game.

As this trend is showing up in all types of industries, including transportation to furniture, it might show up in gaming. All we have to do is to wait and watch. If the trend does catch on, you might even be able to buy chairs that can levitate to enhance your gaming experience. Just make sure that you are healthy enough to use them.