Fortnite Is Now on Blockchain; Bitcoin Fans Are Happy

The next great battle is decentralization. This time, its impact is on the industry of the popular game, Fortnite. It turns out that in the next stage of gaming evolution, popular games like Fortnite will be placed on blockchain. The decentralization that blockchain will bring will mean more freedom and flexibility for players.

Fortnite on Blockchain Will Mean More Freedom for Gamers

While obtaining items in games such as World of Warcraft, the gamers depend on gaming studios to keep up the game’s existence. If the game provider is not willing to continue its service, all of the money that the gamers, including possibly you, spent on purchasing items disappears into thin air. This is a shame, if you spent years building your inventory.

In contrast, a blockchain-based game will save you this headache (and maybe heartache). Blockchain will allow the game to continue its existence, even without its initial developer. Additionally, you can keep all of the items that you purchased in the game; they will stay with you for as long as you want. For users of popular games such as Fortnite, this is important as they probably spent their hard-earned money on skins. It is crucial for the game providers to assure their customers that they will not lose their investments. The next step for customers is to try out blockchain-based games.

Fortnite Is Now on Blockchain; Bitcoin Fans Are Happy

Gaming on Blockchain Is Nothing New

At least one gaming studio is using blockchain to develop games. Mythical Games will be a studio for next-generation game development, and workers at Mythical Games include alumni from Activision, Blizzard, and Yahoo. The future-focused game development company raised $16 million in Series A funding to further their launch. And, it will be a great industry for the introduction of blockchain, because players can be introduced to blockchain’s potential. On a decentralized platform, users will be able to keep assets that they win while gaming.

Blockchain Gives Power to Independent Developers

While big corporations are implementing blockchain tech, it is important to remember that the new tech allows for decentralization. Along with increasing popularity of decentralization, more independent creators, rather than corporations, will be developing cool games for users. This will surely make fans of decentralization, such as Bitcoin fans, roar with excitement.