Alien Bugs Found on ISS; Astronauts Are Puzzled

Disease-causing bugs are now onboard the ISS. This is an unwelcome surprise for astronauts, as they have a 79% chance of contracting the disease. These bugs are the same type as hospital bugs. However, no one knows how they got onboard. Additionally, there are five varieties of the insects on the International Space Station at this moment.

Bugs Are Onboard the ISS

The original plan for colonizing other planets was through human colonization. But now, it seems, the bugs have their own plan. They somehow got onboard the ISS, and the whole incident is being made to seem less than it is. 

Although researchers predict that there is a 79% probability that the bugs onboard the space station can lead to disease, scientists claim that as of the moment, the insects do not pose a risk. What is the plan of these bugs? Perhaps they are smarter than we think.

What Are These Bugs

What puzzles the scientists is that the Enterobacter bugs found on the International Space Station are the same type of creatures that is found around hospitals and newborn babies. In fact, 3 of the 5 strains belong to a species that cause disease in newborn children. Could it be a secret conspiracy that prevents humans from reproducing normally?

Potential for These Bugs to Colonize Mars

Given that bugs managed to find themselves alive in the International Space Station, it is not hard to predict that insects will find a way to get to Mars with the first colonizers. There is the potential that humans who are journeying to the Red Planet will contract disease from this alien bug. This might directly impact human expansion on Mars. 

If the bugs are drug-resistant, they can end up being the ones colonizing Mars first, instead of human beings. Maybe they will even grow into gigantic bugs that we will monitor from the Earth. This reminds us of the movie, “Starship Troopers,” where humans battled with intelligent, gigantic insects for survival and space domination.