Putin's Nuclear Rocket Will Likely Break Due to Corruption

Russia is known for its peculiar inventions, including the most recent nuclear rocket. Russia is full of the certain type of creativity that sparks and amuses at times. However, the big problem is that the country never seems to be able to end its corruption. And, it seems like the massive issue found its way to the Russian space program. According to the head of the Russian Chamber of Accountants, Alexei Kudrin, Roscosmos is in deep trouble.

Why Is There so Much Corruption in Russia

Perhaps, corruption is the most significant problem in Russia. Its roots spread deep into the country’s administrative, healthcare, education, and even law enforcement fields. It seems that with Vladimir Putin, the country hit its highest level of corruption. You can even see it in the figures. In just several years, Russia slid from 90th place to 135th place in Transparency International’s annual Corruptions Perceptions Index.

What Is Going to Happen Next? Will Russian Cosmonauts Fly to Mars?

Let us not forget that the Soviet Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space. Back in the days of Cold War, Russia was the leading player in the outer space game. Today, Russian Soyuz is the only authorized vehicle that is allowed to carry American astronauts to the ISS.

Unfortunately, corruption is like a cancer that is destroying Russia and that is preventing bright minds from moving forward. However, who knows what the upcoming times will have. If for some reason Russia changes its government, the country’s intellectual capacity might begin to have hope again.

Putin Built a Nuclear Rocket to Colonize Mars Faster Than SpaceX

What Is Russian Nuclear Rocket

Unlike SpaceX, which is planning to use regular fuel to carry humans to Mars, Russia is working on its new nuclear-powered tech. Unlike the traditional engine, the nuclear rocket will have an actual nuclear reactor that will be generating immense amounts of heat to power the spaceship. Not only will the rocket manage to generate a lot more energy, but the rocket’s speed might be faster than the speed of that of SpaceX. If Russia and Roskosmos manage to resolve their in-house problems, there is a small chance that Russians will end up colonizing Mars earlier than Elon Musk and his team.