Man Invented a Portable Treehouse to Outcompete Tent Companies

For all of you apartment dwellers out there, you might one day live in the trees. In fact, you can easily pitch your own Tentsile tree tent, which is like a portable treehouse. If you pitch your tents at the right heights, you can live on top of one another, just like you do in your regular apartments.

Man Invented a Portable Treehouse to Outcompete Tent Companies

Tentsile Tree Tents: Story

A young boy saw the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and then watched the Return of the Jedi film with the Ewok tree village; as a result, after he became an adult and trained in architecture,  he decided to create the Tentsile tree tent. For him, this was a way to save the trees in the world as well as provide value to humans. Tentsile tents are not your usual treehouse, which is typically made of wood. These portable houses allow you to see the value in keeping trees alive.

Tentsile Tree Tents: Portable Treehouse Features

Tentsile tree tents are extremely versatile. They can suspend among the trees by using tension or stay on the ground if needed. These tents can accommodate multiple people, while they also feel like hammocks. The portable houses have insect mesh roofs and removable rainfly sheets. If you pitch them right, you can protect yourself from snakes, bugs, and other ground pests. Even more, indoor floor straps in the tent allow you to divide your space into individual hammocks.

How to Camp Properly

The next time you are out camping, consider relocating your home to a campground, where you can pitch your Tentsile tent. You will only need to pay minimal rent, and on top of that, you will get to sleep among the stars.

Escape your corporate job and downshift your life. As a kid, you always wanted a treehouse. Now you can have it. Finally, you, as an adult, can make a waterproof tree tent, without the splinters.