UFO Landed in Greenland; NASA Has Evidence

NASA scientists recently discovered an enormous crater in Greenland that was likely caused by a meteorite or some other unidentified object. Bigger than Washington DC or even Paris, the crater is hiding under the deep snow of Greenland. What caused the impact is unknown. Though, it could be the very same UFO that brought us the sand that we use nowadays to make our glass.

What NASA Knows About UFO

NASA has being studying ETs for many years now. The agency managed to discover secret planets in multiple different solar systems and flying objects that could easily be alien ships. Although there were no official statements, it is no secret that aliens likely exist. And these very aliens have been helping humanity for many years.

UFO Landed in Greenland; NASA Has Evidence

Aliens Who Brought Us Glass

In recent discoveries, NASA outlined the idea of a star that hit our planet millions of years ago. This unidentified object could represent the resources that aliens tried to send to help sustain life on Earth. When you put together recent events, it is possible to believe that intelligent species sent ancient objects to Earth.

If Aliens Knew How to Make Artificial Stars

Chinese scientists have recently managed to create their very own mini sun, which is artificial. This artificial sun can reach a temperature of one million degrees Celsius. This makes one think that intelligent creatures might be able to harness artificial stars. If they are more intelligent than us, they could have learned how to create artificial suns millions of years ago. If they did, they might be millions of steps ahead of our innovations. They might even treat humans in a similar way to how humans treat lab rats. Meaning, there is a possibility that these outer space civilizations are keeping us alive for the purpose of running experiments on us.