China Invented Its Own Artificial Mini Sun to Rotate Around Earth

China is in a race with itself to develop new technologies. Such technologies include the Sky River, an ambitious plan to move water vapor from its damp region to its arid region, and, now, an artificial sun.

In short, the Chinese ‘Artificial Sun’ program is a fusion reactor experiment that produces plasma. China’s scientists have now achieved a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius, which is six times hotter than the center of our Sun. 

With this new experiment, scientists can, one day, invent a mini artificial sun that can rotate around the Earth.

Artificial Sun Experiment Generated Plasma

China’s Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) is an ‘artificial sun’ experiment. Well, what can we say? The ability to manipulate the elements, including water vapor and plasma, can mean that China is trying to become the planet’s climate control agent.

Mini Sun Might Become a Cheap Energy Source

The Chinese scientists are working to try to achieve nuclear fusion, which is the opposite of nuclear fission. Nuclear fusion is when you try to fuse atomic nuclei together, whereas nuclear fission is when you try to split atoms. Both nuclear fusion and nuclear fission can potentially be harnessed as sources of energy. To achieve nuclear fusion, you generally need a temperature of around 150 degrees Celsius. The Chinese scientists managed to generate plasma, one of the fundamental elements of fusion, with a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius.

Last year, scientists working on this project broke a world record. They said that they managed to suspend plasma for over one hundred seconds. This was a breakthrough at the time. 

China Invented Its Own Mini Artificial Sun that Can Rotate Around Earth

Artificial Sun Can Rotate Around Earth

Planet X, also known as Planet Nine, is potentially an artificial sun. In fact, it already exists and might be rotating in our solar system. NASA scientists do not know much about Planet X as of yet, but the Space Station captured some pictures. So far, it is believed that Planet Nine is gaseous. However, the scientific community is still debating whether Planet 9 exists at all.

If China manages to create plasma and suspend it for 100 seconds, it can potentially create an object made out of plasma, such as an artificial sun. It will be just like The Sun in our solar system, but the mini version of it. China might even be able, one day, to create a man-made plasma sun in outer space and send it over to aliens. Wait, did aliens do it before us by sending Planet 9 to our solar system?