Scientists Discovered That Aliens Helped Us Make Glass

Researchers found out the glass we use came from a star that fell on our planet millions of years ago. This special star that fell on our planet contained a rare element, silica. This element is the one that allows us to make glass. These recent discoveries cause one to wonder if this special activity was an accident or if it was part of an intelligent being’s Grand Plan.

Aliens Gave Us Technology

According to a former U.S. UFO program chief, Luis Elizondo, there is a strong likelihood that aliens have visited our Earth multiple times. In October 2017, Luis Elizondo resigned due to government secrecy. Area 51 is a well-known area where numerous alien and UFO activities were sighted. Furthermore, secretive events going on there are nothing new; in fact, alien sightings have been happening for longer than we can imagine. There is definitely something sketchy going on, with multiple government cover-ups and feigned disinterest.

Aliens Visited Our Planet in the Past

If aliens are older and more intelligent than humans, then it is possible that different ETs discovered our planet many centuries ago. If Earth was like Mars in the beginning, with not much life to offer, then perhaps aliens were able to transport the necessary resources to begin life on Earth. Furthermore, it is possible that the ancient star that gave us the ability to make glass was some sort of artificial supersun, similar in nature to PlanetX, that visited the Earth.

Scientists Discovered That Aliens Helped Us Make Glass

Researchers Find More Than Glass

Above all, the most mysterious space activities that are currently happening seem to be the moving objects that NASA and Harvard researchers are currently investigating. It seems to us that the feeling that we are not alone strengthens by the day. Even the space agencies do not hide their feelings from the public anymore. In fact, with all of the new sci-fi films coming out, it is surprising that nobody is stopping the speculations. We just wonder if governmental orgs are slowly preparing us for the real thing. The discovery about glass might even be planned.