Luxury Mansions on Mars Are Beginning to Sell

Mars can be a planet with a deadly atmosphere. Despite that, the space enthusiasts will soon be able to opt for a luxury mansion on the Red Planet. The luxury mansion that you can get on Mars can even have anti-radiation qualities. Thus, if you are going to the Red Planet, consider protecting yourself and any possible descendants of yours from becoming human mutants.

Architecture experts are now designing homes for human Martians. These are visualizations of what your average interior might look like on the Red Planet, once the population grows.

Luxury Mansions on Mars Are Beginning to Sell

Why Would Anyone Relocate

Despite the Red Planet’s deadly atmosphere, the hype around it has grown to a point where one in ten Britons are willing to relocate to Mars tomorrow. Top reasons for this include enjoying more space and escaping war on Earth.

More people applied to join NASA’s 2017 astronaut class than ever in NASA’s history. In fact, more than 18,300 individuals applied to join NASA’s 2017 program, even more than the previous record of 8,000 in 1978.

Homes on Mars Are Surreal

The homes on Mars are surreal. So far, the designs by architecture teams cater to three different types of markets: young professionals, families, and luxury buyers.

Martian Houses: Designs

The home designs for young professionals are apartments with tunnels leading to common spaces, such as a shared garden and work areas. These apartments have tinted glazing to keep out the radiation and the cold.

Homes on Mars Are Surreal

Home designs for families are built into caves. They feature driveways, garages, verandas, and small indoor gardens. They are extremely spacious and structural, with natural light and LEDs simulating the outside landscape.

For the high-end buyers, their home designs use Martian craters and they are part of a crater community. Their homes have three different floors that are built into the side of the crater. One floor might have a private indoor garden, while another floor might have an outdoor gym that is artificially oxygenated. It might even include a large carport.

Likely factors that would persuade people to move to Mars include escaping war on Earth, as well as the opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life. As people are struggling to get into good housing markets on Earth, architectural planners are now expecting to meet the demand for Mars housing.