Natural Selection Among Humans Is Increasing

Humans Take Part in Natural Selection

Have you ever wondered why giraffes have long necks? There is a process called natural selection, which makes stronger specimens last longer than the weaker ones. While the giraffes with longer necks managed to pick leaves from tall trees, the ones with short necks died due to hunger. Natural selection is a dynamic process which is happening in nature every day. And animals are not the only ones taking part in it. Humans are, too.

Weak People Die; Stupid People Die Even Faster

According to recent announcements, a Dutch teenager accidentally killed himself, by inhaling deodorant. If you think that the incident was an unfortunate mistake, think no longer. The kid tried to get high off of deodorant.

After inhaling the chemical spray, the teen became hyperactive. The next step after that, he went into cardiac arrest and was placed into a medically induced coma. The teen’s brain did not manage to recover, after the coma. So, he passed away.

Stronger Kids Are Coding AI, While Weaker Ones Are Killing Themselves

While some kids are going extinct by killing themselves, other kids are working on building robots and potentially coding AI. Natural selection works in funny but expected ways. If you choose to inhale deodorant, you will be wasting your precious time. However, you can also choose to try to educate yourself on new tech. There are so many things that you can explore, such as building your own Siri, and colonizing Mars.

It could be that natural selection will have a way of favoring the kids who are able to collect more resources for themselves. Nature can grant the more intelligent ones longer lifespans and more descendants. Only the weak kids try to kill themselves. The world is harsh, and you better learn how to survive. Maybe you can even build an anti-suicide robot for those who need it.

Natural Selection Among Humans Is Increasing