Children Will Be Programming AI

The company, All About Robots, recently launched its kit for kids to study robotics. Just like how I was playing LEGOS back when I was a child, today’s kids are building machines. If everyone goes one step further, the next generation can be programming AI.

Children Will Be Programming AI

From LEGOS to Robotics to AI

Each generation is smarter than the previous one, as it should be. From Cro-Magnons to Barbarians to today’s humans, we progressed over centuries of life cycles. Today’s children, unlike yesterday’s children, are building robots, and this is terrific. At this rate, the future generation will be installing “brains” in humanoids and programming AI.

How to Build Your Own AI Robot

If you slow down and think about it, the process of building an AI robot is not as complicated is it might seem at first. There are plenty of tutorials and instruction booklets on programming artificial intelligence. In fact, it is so easy that anyone can create a basic assistant by himself or herself.

One great framework for developing artificially intelligent devices is called With’s help, you can build a robot that has NLP, or natural language intelligence and capability. It means that you can use this framework to create your own version of Siri.

Children Will Be Programming AI

How Children Will Be Programming AI in the Future

It is very likely that in the future, children will have all the tools that they need to program AI into their own robots. Whether a child is lonely and needs a robot partner, or whether a kid wants to build his or her own artificially intelligent bodyguard, anything will be possible with imagination.

This new generation of children learned how to use smartphones even earlier than they learned how to speak at times. Elementary school kids are programming their own computer games and software programs. So, the future of artificial intelligence is full of potential. It will happen during this generation or during the next, and many people will have mixed feelings about these changes.