Facebook AI to Blackmail Your Friends and Family

Recently Facebook began the development of its new feature, a matching engine that will be able to piece together your entire household. The company will need the new AI feature to target its ads in a better way. And, obviously, Instagram will be a part of the strategy. Although the news might be shocking to some, there is nothing unusual.

Artificial Intelligence Is a Future Trend

To stay competitive, the world’s corporations are investing billions of dollars into artificial intelligence development and machine learning. As a matter of fact, business monsters including Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are already implementing AI. With numerous competitors and much at stake, Facebook cannot fall behind on implementing this future technology. Thus, the well-known company is working hard to catch up.

Facebook AI to Blackmail Your Friends and Family

Artificial Intelligence: Good vs. Bad

In many of his statements, Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla, expressed his concerns about people’s crazy intentions for the future of advanced AI. While one side of the picture might seem bright and cheery, such as smart assistants for people, another side of the picture might seem bleak and cold. If the machines that humans are currently building manage to get smarter, at some point humans become dependent on these AI creations. Then, it will be a tricky situation. Intelligent machines could potentially overtake us, or we could be building advanced AI for wars. Either way, intentions when creating AI become very important.

Facebook to Blackmail You

It is hard to predict how Facebook will be using the new AI feature in the future. It could be that the company only uses this artificial intelligence feature to increase its ad sales. But, known for being a murky corporation when it comes to ethics, Facebook could potentially sell your information for profit to another third party. If your information gets in the hands of parties with bad intentions, you and your family members might risk the safety of your private information.

Thus, Facebook AI might end up causing the leak of your personal data. Whoever ends up getting access to this information will have access to your life’s data. If you do not find this thought too savory, it is better to reduce your Facebook usage.