Portable Ovens, Microwaves, and Steamers to Cook Food in Your Backpack

With new inventions, people do not have to work as hard at doing everyday tasks. Such tasks include cooking. We envision a future in which cooking and food prep becomes more and more convenient, saving you a lot of time over your lifespan. With new inventions such as Steasy, which is a battery-operated portable mini lunchbox steamer, you will not need much active time to steam up a healthy meal. 

Portable Steamer Will Help You Save Time During Lunch Hours

If you are an adult who needs to work and who has an unpaid, minimal lunch hour, or if you are a student who needs to quickly finish a meal between two classes, Steasy will help you enjoy both your time and a healthy meal. All you will need to do is to carry the mini portable steamer lunchbox around, in any position and anywhere, and make sure that the battery has enough charge to steam your food. Just fill the bottom of the device with water, line the top of the stainless steel portion with food, and carry the closed box in your bag. If you want to eat, just pull the sides of the box out for the steaming function, and time the steamer manually or by using an application on your phone. Once the time is up, your food is ready to eat.

Steasy Might Improve Your Health

Steasy offers a new, healthy option for people who want to avoid small talk in cafeteria lines. It can be great for people who want to spend more time eating and for individuals with special diets. The mini steamer will more than pay for itself, as you can save on your food cost over time. Additionally, the device will encourage its users to consume more steamed vegetables.

Not only do steamers exist, but portable ovens exist as well. One such invention is YIBOSS MINI. This product is specifically marketed towards campers and truckers who need to warm their food up after long trips.

Humans have evolved to the point where you do not need to gather sticks and build a campfire anymore. As long as you have an electric portable device, you do not need anything else. Just make sure that you can charge the battery somehow.

Portable Ovens, Microwaves, and Steamers to Cook Food in Your Backpack

The Future Is Coming

What will the future look like? It could possibly be a future with mini fridges that you take with you in your self-driving car. You can maintain the freshness of your food for longer this way, which is especially convenient during long trips. Potentially, you can even heat up your food to eat outdoors with your family, using a portable mini microwave.

How convenient is the world becoming? Maybe people will become lazy one day, relying on robots, who can cook for us out of a preset menu. They might depend on mini refrigerators that can automatically re-order food inventory online, for delivery from the grocery store. If humans reach the point of relying on robots for chores, will we dedicate more time to important things like science and physics?