Instagram to Make Amazon Go Obsolete

Amazon is a convenient online marketplace that many Americans and Europeans use; some even use the platform regularly. People go on Amazon when they are looking for specific purchases and for specific price points. Sometimes they spend their free time on other online platforms, including Instagram.

For many people, the popular social media app Instagram became their main source of communication with the world. In its recent announcement, Instagram revealed a new interesting feature: online shopping. With this feature, it looks like the popular social media platform is on its way to vanquish Amazon for good.

Amazon vs. Instagram: What Is Better

Up until now, a vast number of applications tried to outcompete Amazon. So far, nobody was able to do it. However, Instagram stands a good chance. First, the app is extremely popular; it actually is the second most popular social media platform in the world, after Facebook, not including YouTube. Second, people can brainwash themselves into believing the marketing campaigns while they are using this social app. It is easier for Instagram to convince its own network of individuals to buy something than for Amazon to do this for Instagram’s individuals. Even more, people are not using Amazon for entertainment purposes. However, they are scrolling through Instagram, even at times when they are not planning to purchase anything.

Instagram to Make Amazon Go Obsolete

What’s Next for Instagram

We know how Facebook is collecting all of the data from our profiles and using it for their capitalization purposes. There is very little chance that Facebook will stop doing this in the future, including through IG. In fact, with new FB sensors that can figure out which social media members are in your real-life family, as well your real family members’ birthday party dates, the engine will one day be able to figure out your beloved ones’ shopping preferences. It might also be sending you unique discount codes for the shops that you like, via IG.

In a couple of years, the FB AI will be able to figure out when your friend’s anniversary is and what your friend’s hobby is. Thus, it will be able to push the “perfect” gift for you to purchase for your friend through Instagram. Perhaps, the AI will be even better at figuring this out than you will be. So why will anyone use Amazon, if Instagram and the FB AI will be able to do it even better?