Aliens Are Found in Antarctica; NASA was Right

NASA and Harvard scientists are not the only ones who believe in the existence of aliens. European Space Agency, also known as ESA, is now joining the clique, by discovering hidden continents in Antarctica.

European Space Agency Discovered the Secrets of Antarctica

By tracking tectonic shifts with its new satellites, ESA discovered that Antarctica was formed out of many other continents. The core of the land is full of ancient relics that are yet to be studied. There are a lot of mysteries that make the scientists conclude that Antarctica is the most mysterious part of the globe.

European Space Agency (ESA) Discovered the Secrets of Antarctica

Naval Officer Saw Entrance to Alien Base in Antarctica

A former US Navy Officer made a statement in which he claimed to see UFOs in Antarctica’s NO FLY zone. Brian “X” served in the military for over 20 years and claimed to see a gigantic alien base in Antarctica, back when he served in the military. The alien entrance is located 5 to 10 miles from the South Pole.

According to Brian, many scientists visited the place but refused to speak about their experience. These scared witnesses did not reveal any type of information regarding the event.

Google Earth Captured Alien Base

Not long ago, Internet users started passing along a certain screenshot that was taken on Google Earth. The strange object in Antarctica looks like the large hole described by the retired Naval officer. While one group believes that the object is nothing more than a piece of ice, a more skeptical group believes that the object is evidence of extraterrestrial existence. Weird trails surround the unknown object. Thus, it must be the alien base, right?

Google Earth Captured the Alien Base

It is not clear what exactly is happening in Antarctica or has happened there in the past. However, it is clear that Antarctica is full of undiscovered mysteries and hidden relics.