Hyperloop to Become Main Transportation in the World

The Hyperloop concept was once the crazy idea of one single person, and later the concept spread like wildfire. This concept is now a full-scale project for multiple organizations across the globe. Perhaps, the most advanced train for this concept is the one by Virgin. This company is now connecting two Indian cities, Pune and Mumbai, together.

Hyperloop to Become Main Transportation in the World

Why Hyperloop Is Important

Hyperloop is a transportation concept that can help save humans travel time. With this new technology, people will no longer have to book plane tickets for fast travel. The new futuristic train will be a great fit for people traveling short distances like Los Angeles to San Francisco, or Pune to Mumbai. Once the California fast track is ready and fully functional, passengers will be able to get from LA to SF in just 36 minutes. No longer will you need to live in Silicon Valley to work at a tech company. Enjoy your Hollywood sunrises at home after long days spent working in an office by the Golden Gate Bridge.

Hyperloop to Become Main Transportation in the World

China Has Its Own Hyperloop

Although, Virgin is not the only key player in the new transportation game. HTT signed a deal with the Chinese province Guizhou to build the first Hyperloop track in China. And Tongren Transportation Tourism Investment Group is the organization building the “fast train” tracks in the country at this moment. The company’s director of media relations claims that the new tracks will allow a train to ride as fast as 671 miles per hour. For your reference, that is the speed of a typical commercial airplane.

While most people might still prefer taking flights for distance travel, it is likely that some will prefer taking hyperloop trains. With this new safe alternative, passengers will be able to enjoy fast and easy rides.