NASA is Contacting Alien UFO

Aliens might actually exist – NASA and Harvard scientists proved that they believe this, just by their recent actions. On the one hand, astronomers from Harvard detected an alien-looking object that might be an ET ship (according to their research letter). On the other hand, it looks like NASA is about to make a decision to contact aliens via special lasers, to communicate with extraterrestrials in the future.

Harvard Astronomers Point at Alien Craft in Outer Space

In their research letter, astronomers from Harvard made an interesting conclusion. It looks to them like there is a potential alien ship rotating in our solar system. Interestingly enough, the information came from specialists in the field, which makes one believe that the news is legitimate.

If the prestigious astronomers are hinting that extraterrestrials might exist, NASA and SpaceX surely have even less skepticism. Moreover, we see that the famous space agency can potentially develop the biggest alien communication tool in history.

NASA Using Lasers to Contact Aliens

Since it’s believed that the agency is aware of alien existence, there is no doubt that NASA might be working on a new device to establish contact with ETs. According to scientists, lasers are powerful enough to reach previously unreachable distances. Additionally, lasers evaporate heat, which can attract the attention of other civilizations that might exist in the universe.

The most powerful laser developed by NASA can hypothetically reach planets located as far as 20,000 light years away from us. Although we are still far away from shaking hands with aliens, the steps taken by these scientists are inspiring ones.

More People Believe in Aliens; NASA Is Not the Only One

While some people still laugh at the idea of aliens existing in our universe, there are more intellectuals who join the group of believers. It looks like more people have the ability to record mysterious objects in the sky and formulate their hypotheses. Are we all just imagining things?

NASA is Contacting Alien UFO