Global Marketing Startup Package: The Best PR Offer on the Market?

Startups often try to find the best marketing and PR deals that will assist them in communicating with an audience. Luckily for many, a leading marketing firm,, is doing just that. The firm is helping startups stand out amongst the crowd and gain popularity in the market.

The Old PR Approach

To describe all of the benefits of Global Marketing’s Startup Package, let us first review the traditional media approach by PR firms. Traditionally, a typical PR specialist (hired for an average of $3,000 – $10,000 per month) helps its clients craft press releases and “share” those press releases with a list of journalists who can potentially publish news articles based on the information. In reality, a PR person often spams hundreds of media people, which often produces few results and can likely bring more harm than good.

There are more disadvantages than benefits in the old-fashioned PR approach. For example, annoyed journalists can purposely deliver negative or plain coverage for a brand, the number of media outlets picking a press release might not be too high (if your startup is unknown, there will barely be 3-4 publications covering you on the news), and the human capabilities of a single PR person can be limited. There is no way that one person can craft press releases with the speed of light.

Luckily for startups, Global Marketing has a perfect and AFFORDABLE PR solution.

What Is The Best PR Offer For A Startup?

If your startup has a limited growth budget, your team consists of 3 – 30 key employees (plus some freelancers), and you have the energy and ambition to grow your company, then the Global Marketing Startup Package is a good offer for you to try.

For $3,700/month (month-to-month contract) or $3,300/month (6-month contract), the Global Marketing team can craft and publish a total of 15 articles/month across its network of websites. The team of professional writers and editors will create posts based on the info from clients’ press releases and/or craft product coverage without the need for press releases.

More Buzz on the News

With the volume of coverage on news aggregators, there is a high likelihood that more coverage will occur. It is known that top-tier publications pick up trending news to stay relevant. So, with 15 guaranteed articles on news aggregators about your brand each month, there is a good chance that there will be a high number of additional articles covered by online publications that will find breaking news about your brand on Google News.

To learn more about the deal, contact Global Marketing at [email protected].

The Best PR Offer on the Market
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