Some PR agencies tend to overpromise. It’s a common practice in the field. Furthermore, the techniques that are used by such firms can often be unethical. Below is the list of the top 3 things that PR agencies don’t want you to know.

PR Agencies Spam Journalists

When a PR company needs to share a press release with publications, it is often doing so by spamming journalists. The distribution is accomplished aggressively via email. The majority of media people forward such emails to their spam folders. Spamming causes irritation. And you surely don’t want hundreds of media people to think poorly of your brand (mentioned in those press releases). 

PR Agencies Often Lie to Their Clients

Every PR agency uses google alerts. It’s a detection and notification service that informs a user of new search results (based on a specific keyword). The goal of a PR agency is to find as many references to its client’s brand as possible. So, even if a PR firm does absolutely nothing to promote their clients, it still finds a way to take the credit for someone else’s work.

PR Agencies Use Cheap Labor

To craft press releases, PR agencies often use cheap labor depicted in the form of non-native English speaking writers. Such practices often result in poor communication and potential reputational damage for the brands-clients.

A company’s success depends on a vast number of different factors. One of such factors includes the presence in the media. Before choosing your PR agency, ensure that you can fully trust your service provider.

Consider working with top leading PR firms known for their exceptional work and dedication. And beware of sweet talkers and con artists in the space. They might put your company’s future at risk.



Top 3 Things That PR Agencies Don’t Want You to Know