Will the iPhone Stand Become a New Trend?

When I get tired, and my body cannot tolerate sitting on a chair anymore, I go to my living room and lie down on a futon. Often, I watch YouTube videos on my iPhone while lying stomach-side down. For people like me, who prefer hands-free devices, a Hong Kong company has invented a portable iPhone stand which also happens to be a wallet. Here comes incuero, an adjustable iPhone wallet stand.

What Is the Adjustable iPhone Wallet Stand?

Icuero is a unique iPhone case invented by a Hong Kong company. The case serves its purpose by working as an all-in-one adjustable stand and minimalist wallet.

The Adjustable Stand

As a stand, icuero can be adjusted to any angle and view (portrait or landscape). Thus, one can enjoy the hands-free use of his or her gadget in pretty much any environment. Whether you are enthusiastically looking through Instagram while eating food at a table or watching videos on your phone while resting on your couch, the device offers a functional purpose.

Will the iPhone Stand Become a New Trend?

The Wallet

As a wallet, icuero is slim and equipped with two slots for credit cards. So, you will find it functional if you decide to keep your hands free and go cashless. However, the intent of the feature seems to be geared more toward coolness than actual wallet usage.

Simple and certainly multifunctional in use, this iPhone case-stand-wallet deserves some attention. Just like other simple but considerably useful iPhone and iPad accessories, this one has already found some support in the community of tech enthusiasts. The wallet stand is available for purchase on Kickstarter. The price starts at $14 per case, and worldwide shipping fees are included.

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