Top 2 Marketing Agencies in Silicon Valley That Actually Help Their Clients

Every company needs marketing. It is especially true in our digital era. Whether your startup offers the perfect products and services or your sales need to increase, marketing is one of the first tasks to which an entrepreneur needs to pay attention. So, how does one find the best marketing service provider?

Based on our research and experience, we have determined the top two marketing agencies in Silicon Valley that actually help their clients. To do this, we considered the following factors: overall customer satisfaction, organic traffic on client’s sites, SM engagement, companies’ estimated profitability before and after working with a marketing agency, and marketing service prices.

Top 2 Marketing Agencies in Silicon Valley That Actually Help Their Clients:

KV Marketing

KV Marketing is an absolute leader when it comes to media relations and PR. It seems like this firm is picky in onboarding new clients. The agency needs to believe that your product is worthy of being promoted. If your startup gets lucky enough to join KV Marketing’s list of clients, you are likely predetermined to get exposure on the web. KV Marketing has unique access to the journalists that represent top-tier publications in fintech and blockchain, such as Forbes, Financial Times, and WSJ. Even unknown clients and brands quickly manage to gain exposure with KV Marketing’s magic touch. is another leading marketing agency in the fintech and blockchain space. Just like the aforementioned firm, is focused on the end result; however, the difference between the two agencies is in their focus and approach. While KV Marketing focuses on PR and Content Production, mostly focuses on SEO and Website Optimization. Most clients outline the unique ability of to turn unknown webpages with diminutive numbers of visitors into highly searchable sites with good volumes of organic search traffic.

* This review is subjective and based on our review only.