You Can Now Grow Any Crop in Your Apartment

Consuming healthy foods from your own garden is rewarding, and it is also a great way to save money on your grocery bill. Moreover, this behavior can make a positive impact on your health. However, in today’s crowded living spaces, how can you grow crops if you do not have an outdoor space? Well, one solution is the EPIC AquaGrow Mini. Marketed as the “Aquaponics for Everyone Using Any Crop,” this ingenious product is designed to be used in any space. Thus, it is suitable for both the hobbyist and the small gardening venture.

EPIC AquaGrow Mini

The EPIC AquaGrow Mini product takes all the best from 3 years of aquaponic experimentation to deliver a simple and efficient system for growing many different types of crops in a small space. The product has a relatively simple setup. It uses large 4-gallon buckets filled with expanded clay media that has been designed to allow for any type of crop to thrive.  The whole system plugs into a regular outlet, and you can get to work with a bucket of water.

Automated System

The best part is that the water system will take care of itself. Unlike traditional hydroponics, the EPIC system is designed to be automated. There is no need to constantly monitor water pH and chemical balances. Just set it up, and the system maintains consistent water quality parameters for 5-14 days.

The EPIC AquaGrow Mini makes indoor crop growing easy. Space is no longer an issue. With new technology, even the least experienced farmer can grow whatever he or she wants. This is just the beginning. Many more things might become possible in the next five years!

You Can Now Grow Any Crop in Your Apartment