Mini Water Vortex to Improve Your Health

All hail the… water vortex?!!! Cheers, people. You can now have your very own water vortex at home. This will keep your water fresher for a longer period of time. The creators of the new device claim to be able to battle the chlorine in your water, as well as get rid of other unwanted small particles that built up from your water pipes.

How Does It Work?

Well, first of all, the water vortex improves your health. Water vortexes are part of the natural order of the world. Rivers have them, and so do other bodies of water. This circulating supply is very important to us, except that our water doesn’t usually “circulate” in a vortex right before we drink it. Now, we can replicate this vortex in our very homes!

Feng Shui

The new invention might even be good for feng shui believers out there. According to the philosophical belief, flowing water helps you release energy that you do not need, and symbolizes the flow of money. Hey, if it symbolizes the flow of money, you might even get the bang for your buck!

Vortex Vessel Price

Speaking of bang for your buck, one of these, at retail cost, will put you back $169. That is one expensive product. But, it might be worth it for the price of your health, am I right?

Water Aeration

Aeration of your water is something that is usually done at water treatment plants. Through water aeration, you can remove or dissolve chlorine, ammonia, and other unwanted chemicals that can negatively affect your health. Additionally, it can improve the taste of your water, which can taste flat if not aerated.

Why Good Water Is Important

Above all, humans need good water as our bodies are made up of up to 60% water. Good water can affect our physical health and energy throughout the day. It can help keep us alive for a longer time. Above all, good water is a great gift for anyone. Water is one of the most important physical elements of our bodies.

Mini Water Vortex to Improve Your Health