Flat Earth Cult - the Biggest Scam of Modern Days?

Flat Earthers are well-known for their extraordinary beliefs in a flat Earth, contrary to space photos of Earth. They believe that round Earth is a hoax. Furthermore, the Flat Earth cult believes that flat Earth has an ice wall surrounding it. Well, these Flat Earthers are planning a 2020 Flat Earth International Conference cruise. What contradicts their beliefs is that the cruise ship will rely on navigational equipment that is based on a round Earth.

Flat Earth Cult Is a Scam?

Flat Earthers believe that the Earth is flat, not round. They believe that round Earth photos are fake; this is because photos can be vulnerable to photoshop. Due to these flat Earth beliefs, others consider the believers to be part of a cult. Others believe that flat Earth is one of the biggest modern scams.

2020 Flat Earth International Conference Cruise Will Use Round Earth Navigational Equipment

The Flat Earth International Conference is organizing a 2020 cruise. The Flat Earth cult promises that the cruise will be a great adventure. However, the cruise ship will rely on navigational equipment that relies on a round Earth. And, it turns out that other sea vessels use round Earth navigational equipment as well.

Navigational Systems Base Themselves on a Round Earth

The navigational systems for the sea base themselves on a round Earth. According to a former cruise ship captain, Henk Keijer, ships navigate using the principle that the Earth is round. Henk sailed all over the world, over a 23-year career period.

Even more, Henk says that GPS, a navigational system, proves that Earth is a sphere. This is because GPS uses 24 main satellites that orbit the Earth to provide information on positions and navigations. The curvature of the Earth required 24 satellites. (If there was a flat Earth, there would be a minimum of only 3 satellites.)

We are not sure if the Flat Earth International Conference will cancel its cruise. But, it will need to find some way to explain any of the cruise’s round Earth navigational equipment.